Bringing you flexible fuel automobiles and the home based
filling stations of tomorrow!


Established in January1996

DeROSA ENTERPRISES, INC. is a Massachusetts based Production & Promotions Company, established to promote the economic development of electric vehicles and alternate fuels technology industries in the hopes of a greener, cleaner global environment.

The Boston based operation is proud to be one of the first world wide distributors of home based filling stations, clean alternative fuels and the vehicles of the future.

"Home based filling stations are the way of the future," says Glenn DeRosa, President of DeRosa Enterprises Inc. " Long gas lines? When that happens to the United States again Americans will buy & drive flexible fueled vehicles that run on Compressed Natural Gas, LP, Methanol and others fuels that are safe to store at home. Refueling your car will be easier than refilling the LP tank on your B-B-Q grill Trucks will conveniently deliver clean fuels to your home based filling station. Most homes are already equipped with a gas meter and a constant Natural Gas clean fuel supply "

1827 Centre St.
Boston, MA 02132

(772) 409-6000 
1(888) 404-FUEL