H2O 2000
HHO Gas Producing Machine

   Powered By Water and 220V Current Only. It can use any kind of filtered water, and draws only a few amps of electricity. Yet it can produce flame temperatures in excess of 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

  Environmentally Friendly! The only by-product of the gas is water vapor!  In years to come, cars will use this to run on water! 

   Portable Light weight and mobile, it is easy to move and store.  

   Ultra safe
produces a molecularly stable hybrid hydrogen/oxygen gas on demand. Does not require storage of bottled gases.

Revolutionary Welding and Metal Cutting device
Weight 160 lbs

Less costly to operate realize savings in operations, supplies, and insurance.

  Versatile & Dependable Able to perform most welding and cutting operations. Very few moving parts makes for very high reliability.

Glass & Ceramic Fabrication, Welding, Cast Iron, Fusing, Soldering, Heating, Glass, Quartz, Cutting, Iron, Steel, and more.
 No Ultra-Violet light, No Fumes.            

16" X 24" X 26"

    Exotic & Specialty Welding
Can weld underwater


Stop buying expensive Specialty Welding Gases. Replaces Acetylenes, Propane & CNG. Produce your own from water!


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