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We believe that many organizations will benefit from the print and broadcast publicity associated with our telecast and we would like to have your organization as a sponsor in one of the following categories:

A: Primary Rally Sponsor: ( $75,000.00) As a primary sponsor your organization will have the right to "Name" the Rally. The primary sponsor would receive 4-30 second spots in the television broadcasts, mention in all printed material including pit stop banners and mention on the Rally and Sponsor pages of the following websites the the rally telecasts will be promoting:, and

B: Pit Stop Sponsor: ($10,000.00) As a pit stop sponsor your organization will receive Pit Stop Banner at designated pit stops, mention in all printed material, 2-30 second spots in our television broadcasts and mention on the sponsors page of, and

C: Vehicle Sponsor: ($5,000.00) As a vehicle sponsor your organization will have its name printed on the hood, roof and sides of a participating alternate fuels or hybrid vehicle, mention on all printed material and mention on the sponsors page of, and close-ups will be frequent in the broadcasts.)

Please E-Mail or call us to discuss the benefits of your organization's involvement in our world wide Alternate Fuels Road Rallies.

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